About Mentha

Connect, Bridge, Integrate

We are evolving

Mentha Partners is founded with a vision to front-run tradfi’s evolution to a blockchain-based ecosystem. We believe in the efficiency of a trust-less network and effectiveness of digital contracts. Our team of partners, sponsors and advisors served in former roles of General Partner, CEO, Chairman, and General Managers of top tier investment banks,  private banks and financial technology companies. 

Together, this conglomeration of deep operational experiences and multidisciplinary networks yields a value-add that extends far beyond capital. Mentha’s portfolio of projects are examples of our insight and contributions to a blockchain-based future. 

We are the revolution

Our investment strategy is based on the thesis of blockchain infrastructure, decentralized finance and play-to-earn economy. Tactics and execution are derived from the current state of macro market cycle and phase of blockchain product cycle. Most importantly our risk management practice stems from the art of betting as well as commodity and derivative trading discipline.

Mentha started our involvement in the digital asset space with proprietary trading in Q1 2017. Since then, we deepened our engagement in the space with the launch of venture capital in Q1 2020. In a balanced approach towards risk and reward, our investment returns significantly outperform comparable benchmarks.

We are